Productive harvesting is the characteristics that describes all twelve LEXION 700 Series combines. The line includes a full range of sizes: class 6,7,8, 9 and the industry’s first class 10. With industry-leading fuel economy and legendary Cat® and Mercedes engines (up to 543 hp for the class 10 combine), you can’t go wrong with a LEXION.

LEXION 700 Series combines are the most advanced in the industry. All rotary separation models feature a unique Hybrid System of APS threshing and RotoPlus twin rotor separation for thorough and gentle threshing and separation in even the toughest conditions.

The high level of productivity and ease of operation of LEXION combines result from the combination of advanced technology and precise engineering. Make adjustments on-the-go from inside the comfortable cab. And harvest on your schedule, not the weather’s, with the exclusive TERRA TRAC undercarriage with suspension.





780Mercedes Benz OM 502543 (405)360 (12,686)
760Caterpillar C13503 (375)360 (12,686)
750Caterpillar C13456 (340)330 (11,629)
740Caterpillar C13402 (300)300 (10,572)
730/730PMercedes Benz OM47348 (260)/320 (239)300 (10,572)
670 Straw WalkerCaterpillar C9.3360 (269)300 (10,572)