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Mississippi and Tennessee farmers and agricultural operations across the region understand the role top quality machinery plays in maintaining productivity. Disc harrows represent a multi-purpose tillage tool for everything from seedbed preparation and field conditioning to chopping up weeds and leftover crops.

Thompson Agriculture is the local source to buy disc harrows TN and MS businesses rely on. We carry a complete selection of new disc harrows from Sunflower Manufacturing and Horsch, two of the most trusted brands in the industry. No matter how big or small the job is that stands in your way, our expert sales specialists will help you locate the tillage equipment necessary to increase efficiency and maximize profitability.

Disc Harrows
Machine modelRT-230RT-270RT-300RT-330RT-370
Machine Width (ft/m)23'4" / 7.126'8" / 8.130' / 9.133'4" / 10.236'8" / 11.2
Working width (ft/m)21'8" / 6.625' / 7.628'4" / 8.631'8" / 9.735' / 10.7
Transport width (ft/m)11'1'' / 3.411'1'' / 3.417'9'' / 5.417'9" / 5.417'9" / 5.4
Transport height (ft. / m)11'7'' / 3.513'2'' / 411'7'' / 3.513'2'' / 415'1"/4.6
Weight (lbs / kg)*11,500 / 5,21612,500 / 5,67016,200 / 7,34817,200 / 7,80218,500 / 8,391
Number of discs5260687684
HitchingDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V
Power requirements230-300 HP270-350 HP300-400 HP330-430 HP400-530 HP
Finishing systemRoll-FlexRoll-FlexRoll-FlexRoll-FlexRoll-Flex
Hydraulic down pressure systemYesYesYesYesYes
iDepth cab-based depth controlYesYesYesYesYes
Disc Diameter20'' / 50.8 cm20'' / 50.8 cm20'' / 50.8 cm20'' / 50.8 cm20" / 50.8 cm
Disc thickness0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm

Horsch Disc Harrows

The Joker RT series of disc harrows from Horsch represent an effective substitution to tandem disc harrows and vertical tillage. Built for optimal versatility and high performance residue management, the Joker RT excels in fertilizer incorporation, seedbed prep and field conditioning. They are also used for residue and stubble management, hayland/CRP management and specialty crop applications.

The Joker line of disc harrows features machine widths ranging from 23 to 37 feet, choice of manual or electronic depth control, high working speeds of seven to 10 mph, and working depths of one to five inches. All models deliver excellent soil and residue blending, 20-inch blades set for optimum soil engagement, and an integrated Roll Flex System for soil consolidation and field finishing. These innovative tillage tools are fitted with oil filled blade bearings for extended life — they are designed with only six lubrication points for easy maintenance.

Sunflower Disc Harrows

Thompson Agriculture offers the complete line of Sunflower disc harrows. These quality-built tillage tools are the top selling disc line in America. Loaded with innovative features for enhanced performance, durability and ease of use, there’s a Sunflower disc harrow specifically built for just about every tillage application.

Models in the series range from the 1212 disc harrow for smaller farmers looking for big productivity to the massive 1810/1830 for aggressive tillage in the most rugged conditions. The 1435 and 1444 are versatile machines featuring both tandem and multi-section flexibility. The 1544 and 1550 represent the next step up in large disc performance.

When only the most powerful and reliable machines will do, the 1710 and 1730 disc harrows from Sunflower achieve new levels of strength and weight dimensions. They are built to penetrate hard packed soil and thickly-matted residues found in high-yielding, genetically-modified crops. The 1710 HD is an offset disc harrow specifically built to stand up to the rugged demands of construction, mining and forestry applications.

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