New Tillage Equipment

Mississippi and Tennessee farmers understand the importance of having the right tools to maximize productivity. When it comes to digging, stirring and overturning soil to prepare fields for agricultural production, Thompson is the best source for new tillage equipment in MS and TN. From disc harrows and land finishers to soil conditioners and field cultivators, we have everything you need to boost the speed and efficiency of your operation.

Sunflower Tillage Tools:

Chisels:  Model 2433


  • Self-Leveling all Welded Frame
  • Adjustable Hitch
  • Single Point Depth Control
  • Shear Bolt or Spring Cushion Shanks
  • Walking Tandem Wheels
  • Gauge Wheels
  • Multiple Finishing Attachments
  • Models from 25’ to 41’


Small Drills: Models 9007 & 9010


  • Strong Low-Profile Seedbox
  • Versatile Tillage Coulters
  • Innovative Trac Drive
  • Adjustable Row Units


Field Cultivators: Models 5035, 5055, 5056, 5135


  • Sunflower’s Three-Section Field Cultivators feature heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation
  • Optimum shank placement for unmatched residue clearance
  • Single-point depth control adjusts working depth of the entire machine
  • Shanks are available in either Spring Tension or 2-piece “S” tine design and offer up to 190 pounds of point load
  • Walking tandems with large tires provide the necessary flotation required from a field cultivator
  • Self leveling hitch maintains a level frame from front-to-rear regardless of operating depth
  • Working widths of 18′ through 36′
  • Heavy-duty gauge wheels are standard equipment on units 26′ and larger
  • Available with a wide selection of finishing attachments


Land Finishers: Models 6221, 6333, 6433, 6630/6631


  • Sunflower Saber Blades
  • Narrow 7.5” Blade Spacing
  • Soil Conditioning Reel
  • Hydraulic Self-Leveling
  • “Service-Free” UHMW material used throughout
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


Disc Harrows
Machine modelRT-230RT-270RT-300RT-330RT-370
Machine Width (ft/m)23'4" / 7.126'8" / 8.130' / 9.133'4" / 10.236'8" / 11.2
Working width (ft/m)21'8" / 6.625' / 7.628'4" / 8.631'8" / 9.735' / 10.7
Transport width (ft/m)11'1'' / 3.411'1'' / 3.417'9'' / 5.417'9" / 5.417'9" / 5.4
Transport height (ft. / m)11'7'' / 3.513'2'' / 411'7'' / 3.513'2'' / 415'1"/4.6
Weight (lbs / kg)*11,500 / 5,21612,500 / 5,67016,200 / 7,34817,200 / 7,80218,500 / 8,391
Number of discs5260687684
HitchingDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT VDraw bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V
Power requirements230-300 HP270-350 HP300-400 HP330-430 HP400-530 HP
Finishing systemRoll-FlexRoll-FlexRoll-FlexRoll-FlexRoll-Flex
Hydraulic down pressure systemYesYesYesYesYes
iDepth cab-based depth controlYesYesYesYesYes
Disc Diameter20'' / 50.8 cm20'' / 50.8 cm20'' / 50.8 cm20'' / 50.8 cm20" / 50.8 cm
Disc thickness0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm0.25'' / 0.6 cm
Forward and Reverse Rotary Tillers





TS44Forward18-3044Limited Cat 1/Cat 1
TSR44Reverse18-3044Limited Cat 1/Cat 1
TS52Forward18-3052Limited Cat 1/Cat 1
TSR52Reverse18-3052Limited Cat 1/Cat 1
TS60Forward18-3060Limited Cat 1/Cat 1
TSR60Reverse18-3060Limited Cat 1/Cat 1
TC60Forward20-4060Cat 1
TCR60Reverse20-4060Cat 1
TC68Forward20-4068Cat 1
TCR68Reverse20-4068Cat 1
TC74Forward20-4074Cat 1
TCR74Reverse20-4074Cat 1

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Sunflower Tillage Equipment and Tools

You work hard, and you expect your tillage equipment to work even harder. Sunflower Manufacturing combines cutting edge innovation with the highest manufacturing standards to produce industry-leading equipment. Whether you have a small farm or a large-scale agricultural operation, we’ll help you find the tillage equipment and related tools to fit your needs.


The Sunflower 2433 chisel plow is built to handle harsh field conditions and provides improved water and nutrient infiltration. Extremely heavy and constructed of 4 X 6-inch tubular steel, this rugged piece of tillage equipment helps break through tough yield barriers. The 2433 chisel plow comes in a variety of sizes to match the dimensions and power of your tractors. It’s also customizable with choice of rigid, rigid shear bolt or spring cushion shanks for varying conditions.

Disc Harrows

Whether you’re cultivating small or large fields or chopping up weeds and leftover crop, we have the tillage equipment suited to your application. We carry disc harrows from both Horsch and Sunflower Manufacturing for a diverse range of solutions that fit your needs as well as your budget.

Horsch Joker RT models start at 230-300 HP, 52 discs and working widths under 22 feet. They go all the way up to 400-530 HP, 84 discs and total widths of 35 feet. All models feature roll-flex finishing systems, hydraulic down pressure systems and iDepth cab-based depth control.

Sunflower represents America’s top selling disc line. Models start with the versatile and powerful 1212 for small-farming applications and top-out with the ultra rugged 1810/1830 for aggressive tillage in hard-packed soil.

Field Cultivators

Our inventory of Sunflower field cultivators range in working widths from 18 inches to 36 inches. All models are built to last and deliver impressive clearance and excellent flotation. Features include optimal shank placement for residue clearance, adjustable single-point depth control, a self-leveling hitch and walking tandems with large tires. They are also available with a large selection of finishing attachments and standard heavy-duty gauge wheels on units 26-feet and larger.

Land Finishers

Thompson Agriculture new tillage equipment for TN and MS farmers includes the 6221, 6333, 6433 and 6630/6631 line of land finishers from Sunflower. Models are equipped with “service-free” UHMW materials throughout, and they feature unique Saber blade slicing technology, high-speed soil conditioning reels and hydraulic self-leveling systems.

Small Drills

When it comes to small grain drills for inter-seeding, planting or renovating, Sunflower builds the tillage equipment TN and MS farmers rely on. The compact and powerful 9007 Pasture Pleaser is a versatile machine that penetrates and prepares soil for precise seeding. The 9010 Stubble Drill is a small, maneuverable no-till grain drill designed to efficiently seed large pastures and roadsides. All Sunflower grain drills feature strong low-profile seed boxes, innovative Trac Drive, versatile tillage coulters and adjustable row units.

Contact Thompson Agriculture today to browse our selection.