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Thompson Agriculture offers technology products that will help you find solutions for your operation, and can take your productivity and efficiency to unprecedented levels. We offer technology solutions for all your equipment needs, and understand the challenge of managing and maintaining your equipment. That’s why we proudly offer solutions for a wide range of equipment from the top ag machine manufacturers.


Auto Steering technology makes everything you do in your farming operation more efficient, from keeping your wheels between the rows to preventing overlap in planting and spraying to tiling and scraping. And it allows you to operate more safely, comfortably, and with pinpoint accuracy. An automated system from TopCon or Reichhardt will maximize the use of your time, enabling you to drive faster, improve precision, and work through the night or in dusty, low-visibility conditions

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Planter Control

Make the most of every seed. TopCon and Reichhardt planter control systems help you avoid double coverage by controlling individual rows or sections. Lower your overall seed costs, ensure proper placement, and take the guesswork out of planting.

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Yield Management

Yield monitoring technology from Ag Leader or Reichhardt allows you to create both yield and moisture maps while you harvest, so you can instantly compare field conditions with your yields. You’ll have more accurate yield data for on-the-go-comparisons and better hybrid and variety selections, and you can make storage decisions based on moisture readings in the field.

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